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What is MICROBLADING? Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. It is a technique that only should be used by experienced artist’s who have been certified in Cosmetic Tattooing. These tattoo artist’s should have lots of experience with a machine. Microblading is very superficial and is not as long lasting. For most of my clients I use a combination of techniques and colors. This gives them a more natural and longer lasting look. The Microblading technique is used to draw a hair stroke to mimic your real hair. A talented artist has the ability to do this with a hand tool or machine. The tattoo industry is no different than any other. Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest. In an industry that is unregulated you must proceed with caution. You will see many “buzz words” such as: Microblading, hair strokes, 3D, etching, stippling, powder fill, etc. These words often overlap and mean the same thing. It is the industry trying to use something new to create excitement and interest. Microblading is the latest ofthese buzz words. Also, please note that most photo’s of Microblading that you are looking at on the internet are not healed photo’s. This give a very deceptive appearance of what Microblading looks like healed. This photo was taken right after procedure was completed. There is a very faint powder fill behind the Microblading to add dimension. Microblading does use a blade and has a lot more contra-indications than cosmetic tattooing. Check to make sure your artist is certified in both Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing. A consultation is the best way to know what technique or combinations of techniques are right for you. Unfortunately, many artist’s, due to the lack of regulation have watched You Tube or taken a two day Microblading Class. Please beware, this is a big decision. When itcomes to your face please don’t compromise! Ask to see your artist’s work. Ask if they are certified. Ask how many procedures they have done. Ask what type inks they use (MRI safe). The bottom line is be diligent! Choose your Cosmetic Tattoo Artist carefully. Microblading may or may not be right for you! FYI: We also completed her eyeliner the same day! That is an eyelash enhancement in brow with a green shadow.

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