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Before & After Photos


Mary is an artist and a perfectionist, she REALLY cares about her work and it shows! I have been filling my eyebrows in for years, and after seeing Mary I won't have to anymore! I could not be happier with the results, she nailed the shape and color that I was looking for. She is a professional and guided me through every step of the microblading process. Thank you Mary!


I love my new brows that Mary designed with micro blading! She is so professional and makes you feel so comfortable, can't wait til I see her again for permanent eye liner!!!!


Mary made me feel so comfortable. I wasn't a bit nervous to get my eye liner done. I've seen a bunch of pop up shops but have yet to see anyone with the skill & knowledge as her. I want to come back from my eye brows as soon as I can make some extra money to do so!


Mary is a true GEM. Her skills are close to perfection. She loves what she does and it shows. Mary just wants you, as her client, to bring the true beauty of yourself shine through. I had my eyebrows tattooed. LOVE her work!


Anyone that knows me knows that I can tell if you cut an extra millimeter off the ends of my hair when I ask for a trim. Needless to say tattooing was out of the question, too permanent for me. Well, I am not getting any younger and it shows. I recently become very aware and self conscious of my thinning eyebrows. At first I purchased a pencil, that lasted for about a month. The idea of taking an extra 10 minutes to get ready was not for me. I looked into “permanent” eyebrow tattooing and asked friends for the pros and cons. Most of them loved what they had done, some sent pictures and some, well, I don’t think you could ever make happy. Mary came as a very strong recommendation so I felt the need to pursue her. Ask her....that I did. Unending emails, never ending questions and concerns, all of which she answered professionally. She in turn called me as it was easier then responding to all my emails. I just knew she was NOT a “fly by night pop up shop” so I decided to book, I put my big girl pants on and went to my appointment. The time that Mary spent making me feel comfortable, mapping my natural look(she knew I did not want two caterpillars on my face)the color matching etc.....was amazing and reassuring. I just knew she knew what I wanted so away we went......tattooing started ! She gave me the opportunity to look at the progress as we went along which made me super comfortable and reassured me that I was getting what I wanted. Long story short (never the case with me) I don’t think you could find a more professional, talented, educated, caring, kind,empathetic individual such as Mary. The most confident move I have ever made that was “outside of my box” was meeting and working with Mary. I am truly loving my new “enhanced” eyebrows. Thank you Mary, you are amazing and have a very special gift!


I have had the pleasure of being Mary Scott's client for a few years.  Mary did a wonderful job on my eyebrows, it is such a relief to not have to draw on my eyebrows every day!  Mary is articulate, professional and artistic.  I am incredibly pleased with the results.  I know that Mary is always attending workshops honing her skills, and it shows.  Mary is very patient and takes her time.  I am a client for life!



I had two treatments with you.. I was very impressed.  I had an age/sun spot pop up on my face.  I was embarrassed by it.  I asked if you could get rid of it and after one treatment it was gone!  I came back another time for treatment around eyes mostly. I was very happy with those results as well.  I love the service you provide.


I love Mary's work. I had little to no brows and hated coloring them in. Now I have exactly what I want.

Jami D.

I can't recommend Mary enough.  She did such a beautiful job on my eyebrows.  She is not only artistic, but patient and kind.

Carrie N Lake Geneva 6/8/17

I had my eyebrows done at least 15 years ago at a different facility and decided to have them updated by Mary this time. I couldn't be happier with the experience. She walks you through everything and is very precise and detailed. Will be going back in a few weeks to get the eyeliner done!!


Brigette 5/26/2017

I am loving my always perfect eyebrows and my lips rarely have lipstick on them...only if an outfit calls out for a slight over color.  your are an artist with magic in your fingers!
and i love hanging out with you while you work that magic is delightful.
best wishes for much continued success and many happy clients and with your new adventure, the academy.


My eyebrows look GREAT! Mary's work is natural looking and enhances you're natural features.



Hi Mary.  I wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my permanent eyeliner look!  I was a difficult one, so I appreciate your patience and tenacity in getting it to work.


I recently had my eyebrows done.  I was very worried they would look too dark but Mary spent a lot of time reviewing pictures and explaining the procedures.  We agreed she would do them lightly to give me an opportunity to get used to them and if I felt they needed more color after a couple of weeks, I could come back .  Which is exactly what I did.  I appreciated Mary’s approach.  She is not only very skilled and knowledgeable but very pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend her services.

Diana  11/2016

I have been drawing my eyebrows on since I have been about 19 years old because of some friends that thought that my caterpillar for eyebrows were not that pretty but they didn't turn out so good by the time they were done! So as the years have gone by it has been a pain drawing them on every day n I have heard of tattoo eyebrows. My friend told my about Mary and l had my eyebrows done, I am so happy that I have had them done they look so wonderful n amazing can't believe that I can get up and just go it is so nice. I would recommend Mary Hall Scott she did a wonderful job on them I was so impressed.


Thank you so much,
Janet 11/2016

After I had a stroke, managing my makeup became a struggle, I just didn't have the fine motor skills

I needed. Couple that with my fading eyebrows, and I had an issue! Mary is so thorough, gentle and reassuring. Plus, she's a perfectionist! I'm not a fan of needles and I have never had a "tattoo", so the thought of having my eyebrows permanently enhanced scared me! But I absolutely love them! The look completely natural that no one even knew I had it done, which is just what I wanted! I would very highly recommend Mary. She's professional, skilled and compassionate.

Sonya 10/26/2016

I LOVE my permanent makeup.

Mary does amazing work.

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner (top and bottom) done.

Karen 10/24/2016

I am not a new comer to permanent makeup, 25 years and still going strong. Choosing a skilled,

talented artist is crucial to ones final look. We are talking Permanent Makeup here! I recently had

the talented Ms Mary Hall Scott do her magic in freshening up my lines. Experience counts for

everything. She is pleasant to work with and can be trusted to give you a look that you will be ever

so pleased with.

Beverly 10/24/2016



I love the permanent eye makeup and plan to do my brows.

As a nurse I was very satisfied with the professional technique/procedures Mary used during

my sessions with her. I love getting up with makeup!

Vickie 10/26/2016

"If you've been thinking about getting permanent eyeliner, but you are hesitant because it is "Permanent"  and what if it isn't quite right"?....Call Mary Scott! You will not be disappointed! She willdo your permanent eye liner in 2 visits so you can do any tweaking.



Mary, I thought of you this AM as I was looking in the mirror. I am so happy with what you hae done for me (eyebrows and eyeliner). You have made turning 60 (soon) and aging in general so much easier.




I had previously had permanent eyeliner applied and knew what to expect when I went to Mary Hall Scott for my next application of permanent eyeliner.  She far exceeded my expectations! She is so professional and detailed. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Thanks Mary for a continued customer you have gained!   




i look in the mirror each morning without having even washed my face and break into a huge smile.  my reflection is every bit as happy as i want to feel for the rest of the day.  
i’ve never felt all that satisfied with how i looked wearing make up especially eye makeup.  no matter which brand  i wore i sooner or later (and usually sooner) i found that it was not where i had put it!  
and lipstick…always leaving it behind on cups and glasses and then walking around faded out if i forgot to bring it along.
and then there is the aging factor…my dark eyebrows were turning white or falling out.  eyelashes?  hardly a one left and mine use to be gloriously full!
now…everything is where i want it and all day long.  i love wearing brand "mary hall!”
thank you!



I recently had my eyebrows tattoo’ d by Mary keeping my natural brow hairs , having everything blended. Prior to the process, we met to discuss procedure, she showed me previous client before and after’s, and talked about numerous options. I changed my mind on a couple occasions, due to being nervous about the procedure.  Mary was extremely understanding!!  I moved forward with the procedure, and am amazed at the artistry by Mary.  My brows look fantastic!!  I absolutely love the end results.  She is extremely professional, yet personally caring about her clients.  She offers many services, and having a medical background made me all the more comfortable with her .  Mary is beautiful inside and out, and I truly believe that is her passion for anyone that she comes in contact with.  I highly recommend her and her services. Thank you Mary!



Hi, my name is Jeanne. I had my eyebrows done by Mary and I could not be more pleased. They do not even look tattooed as per statements of my friends and even strangers..I have bragged about these things to anyone who has a pulse. But most of all, they took 10 or more years of my age..I am 70 years old, now I feel and look just the way I wanted. BEST MONEY EVER SPENT.



My eyes have never looked better. I met Mary a few months ago when her services were available at a salon/day spa in downtown Lake Geneva. After speaking with her, I scheduled an appointment to have eyeliner tattooed, and eyelash and brow tinting. Mary is extremely knowledgeable and professional about her work and she did an excellent job. The procedure was painless, she explained everything she was doing (just like in a Dr.'s office), and the outcome was phenomenal!  I will continue to go to Mary for services, and have recommended her to all of my friends!!

Additionally, I sent my son to her for teeth whitening. He now has the whitest, brightest smile!!!
Mary is fabulous!!!



I've had eyebrows, eyeliner (upper and lower) as well as my lips enhanced by Mary. She is meticulous and precise in her applications. She strives to help her clients look their best! I especially love my eyebrows.




I  first met Mary @ a Women's Resource Fair. She was an absolute delight and compasionate about her craft. I had always considered having my eyebrows done and I decided to take her up on her offer. I have never been happier with a decison. She was wonderful, happy, up lifting and did a fabulous job. Just imagine waking up in the morning with one less thing to do. I highly recommend her services and now I can tell my friends that I have a tattoo. Try her services you will not be sorry!                                                                              Nancy



Mary is the best eyeline tattoo person there is. She takes her time with you. Talks you through the whole procedure. It is virtually painless. People have asked me where I got it done at. I just tell them by the best in the business, Mary Hall Scott. Get'er done!


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