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Tattooing has been discovered on the skin of Egyptian mummies dating back to 2000 B.C. The tools used where soot, gunpowder, sharpened stones and other primitive implements. This was done using the hand method called "Tebon". Tattooing has been present for centuries in our cultures for the purpose of adornment. The implanting of pigments, color and/or dyes intradermally results in permanent alterations of tissue to gain a cosmetic effect.


Permanent makeup is used to line or accent the shape of our eyes. Besides the esthetic benefit, women with poor vision, arthritis and dexterity issues appreciate the elimination of eyeliner application. Women with allergies or contact lenses benefit from no smearing of their cosmetics. There is an advantage to people undergoing chemotherapy or with alopecia. Women now enjoy the "natural looking" permanent cosmetics that enhance and accent their appearance!


Permanent makeup is used to shape the eyebrows, as well as enhance your overall appearance. Eyebrows frame the face and add definition. Their placement and shape can be used to open up your eyes and create a youthful image. With the use of permanent makeup, you can re-shape, redesign, lift, soften or simply modify your existing eyebrows. Image eliminating the day to day maintenance and having perfect eyebrows every minute of every day!


Permanent makeup is used to outline the lips and fill-in the full lip. It can correct irregularities and camouflage fine lines, as well as make the lips appear fuller. Having full lips enahnce your entire face. Permanent makeup can also be applied as a liner only. Apply some lip gloss and you are ready to go, morning or night!


Eyelash Tinting

Multiple colors available


Eyebrow Tinting

Brows, color matched to your preference


Eyelashes and Brows

Both services at a lower price


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Signature Series Eyebrows

Signature Series Microblading Eyebrow

Signature Series Eyeliner (top & bottom)

Upper or Lower Eyeliner Only (top or bottom)

Signature Series Full Lip

Lip Liner Only (outline of lip)



1 year $150.00
2 year $200.00
3 year $250.00
4 year $300.00
5 + years $375.00

These prices are for my clients.

If you are a new client then touch ups
are priced as a regular procedure.

Licensed and insured.
30+ years in the Medical Community
10+ years of tattooing experience
5+ years of instructing students worldwide

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