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  • Safe and Comfortable

  • Natural, Plant and Mineral Based

  • Enamel Building Qualities

  • Guaranteed Instant Results

  • Easily Maintained



As a DaVinci trained and certified professional I am safely able to provide you with a teeth whitening process that is extremely effective and safe. The gels are manufactured in the USA. Light accelerated gels are all natural, plant and mineral based. No preservatives and the active ingredient is a food grade hydrogen peroxide, which can be ingested.  It is a non-abrasive formula that will not affect existing dental work. Crowns and veneers accumulate staining and respond well to the DaVinci whitening. There is little to no sensitivity and the natural ingredients also work to kill Gingivitis with long lasting effects. 


The first 20 minute session is to remove staining from the outer layer of the teeth (visible results). 

The second session goes deeper into the pores of the enamel to remove the more penetrating staining.

The third session removes residual more "intrinsic" staining for maximum results.


The DaVinci system will works to get your smile back to it's natural or original whiteness.


Our gels have no animal by-products and contain enamel building qualities. DaVinci uses only the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality.  Also, DaVinci gives me the ability to send you home with a home maintenance kit and a whitening pen for immediate results. 


Before & After Photo's



20 Minute Teeth Whitening

One session, includes desensitizing gel


40 Minute Teeth Whitening

Two sessions, includes desensitizing gel


60 Minute Teeth Whitening

Three sessions, includes desensitizing gel


Sessions are done consecutively in one setting and it is highly recommended to do all 3 sessions for the best outcome!

Complete Teeth Whitening

Three sessions, includes desensitizing gel, home maintenance kit and whitening pen.


Maintenance Kit

Home kit, designed to be used between whitening sessions.


Whitening Pen

Immediate results for special occasions.


I have always had dark teeth, but worried about tooth whitening, would it damage my teeth? Would it look natural?

Plus I am a "tooth weenie" - I HATE anything having to do with dentistry! But my experience with Mary was fantastic.

She was so calming and professional, answered all my questions, was easy to schedule, reasonably priced. All in all, it

went very well. I would recommend her to anyone!

Trish 10/24/2016

My daughter and I decided to get our teeth whitened.  We went to Mary Hall Scott results were amazing!  Glad to have a professional that always produces a great results for me!

Julie & Jordan


I could not be more excited about my teeth whitening procedure. My teeth were bad and I was ashamed to smile. During the process my teeth whitened from a 24 to a 4. It was remarkable, my teeth whitened beyond any expectations that I had.

Mary explained the procedure to me since I was very nervous due to the sensitivity that I have. I felt no pain, not even a tingle. I took her advice and did the 60 minute procedure. She has my business forever!



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