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Create a glowing look with products that are permanent makeup friendly.


  • Oxygen Boost Cleansing Milk

  • Oxygen Boost Toning Lotion

  • Active Hydra Booster Cream

  • Extreme Lift Complex Cream

  • And More!


Permanent Makeup's pigment is generally implanted at the depth of a dime. The pigments are often water soluable for safety.  For these reasons and others, you must be mindful of what you put on your skin over your tattoos.


Lotions that are designed to improve fine lines and wrinkles, often have Retinol or other ingredients that are harmful to tattoos. As a matter of fact, Retinol can be used to help remove tattoos. Lotions that are designed to reduce pigmentation, age spots and other discolorations are also harmful to tattoos. Many of these contain Hydroquinone, Mercury and other ingredients that will lighten and/or remove tattoos over time.


The lotions that I have labeled "safer" do not have such ingredients.  Therefore, they are safer to use near any cosmetic tattoos.


The other lotions are fabulous and I routinely use them with all Dermatude procedures. They are extremely effective and safe, as long as they are kept within a safe distance from cosmetic tattoos.


As a reminder sunscreen should also be applied, especially to eyebrows and lips.


The enzamatic peel is fabulous and uses enzymes to loosen the skin. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of an effective peel without the down time of the skin itself literally peeling.


If you have any questions please fill out the information section and I will be happy to help.


Mary Hall Scott




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