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Love your skin care services, Mary! ❤️

Pat 5/27/2017

I had a number of Dermatude sessions with Mary and have to say that my face appears more youthful and lifted. The proof is in the comments I receive. After one of my sessions with Mary, I had a man walk up to me and comment on my skin. He said “You look like your glowing, your skin is so radiant”. I also have a chapter in my book.
Ten Anti-Aging Tips That Work: Secrets Revealed:

Ms Sharon Marie Glembocki CH, Mr Daniel Alec Blomdahl:
9781511820400: Books about Marys services. Need I say more? I would recommend Mary for your Dermatude treatments. See what it can do to enhance your appearance.
Ten Anti-Aging Tips That Work is a fun and informative self help book about how you can turn back the hands of time and so much more. Sharon has incorporated her years of experience as a nurse, fitness instructor, coach, and hypnotherapist to educate her clients ...
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I recently had an age spot removed from the bridge of my nose. Very happy with the outcome. Minimal pain, quick and easy procedure with a short healing time...less than 10 days. Would definately do it again.





I have struggled with my skin since high school and after finally conquering acne i was left with a face full of scars and marks. Some of my worst scars were more than 10 years old and even with being in the beauty industry and having access to the best products and treatments, there was never a solution to my problem.


I am beyond thrilled with the results I have seen from doing the skin needling and derma rolling already even though I have just started receiving the treatments. I have noticed a pretty significan decrease in some of my deepest scars and I am very excited to finally have some hope in getting the skin I've always wanted."





I was a little skeptical to have Derma Rolling done by Mary because I had it done in the past and it was really painful. I had almost zero pain this time around. It was a very relaxing procedure actually. Mary's medical background is an added plus. I would recommend Derma Rolling with Mary to anyone.





I am a 53 year old sun worshiper who has spent way too many years in the sun sans sun block. I have had 4 skin needling treatments and I am amazed with the results it has produced.  The procedure was fairly painless and the fact that there is very little down time made it all the better.  My skin felt incredible after, it looked and felt tighter and I couldn't have been happier with the results!  Sun spots almost completely gone and what surprised me most was the deep lines on my chest have noticeably diminished.  Mary not only is excellent at what she does but you can tell she sincerely believes in what she is doing to help others feel good about themselves.  Can’t wait to finish out my treatment plan!


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