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My background is extensive in both the corporate and medical professions. At the age of 30, I enrolled in school after many successful years in business. Entering the medical field as a radiologic technologist/radiation therapist, I worked for over 15 years in emergency rooms, trauma settings and cancer centers. I also pursued my passion in the fitness industry, I embarked in health club ownership that lasted for more than 13 years. Although there have been many chapters in my life I have landed in a place that I adore. Currently I am a permanent make-up artist and an anti-aging specialist.


My mission is to provide clients with alternatives to look their best, enhancing the way they feel about themselves. I provide my clients a feeling of comfort, as they relax in a beautiful spa setting. As a make-up artist, I have an “eye” and "artistic talent”, that helps clients decide on the procedure that will be appropriate for them. My medical background gives me the knowledge and experience to assure my clients that the procedures are safe. My passion for this field continues to grow as my abilities allow me to help endless numbers of people. My portfolio of services includes both cosmetic and medical. This is a winning combination and my clients receive the full benefit of my experience and knowledge. 


Credentials:  B.S. RT(R) CPT MPS

Masters Class Lips/Eyeliner

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