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Your Artist is on the International Directory at!

Did you know that your local artist in the directory? Being apart of the international scene is a must to stay on top everything new the industry has to offer!

You must continue to learn as an artist. This field is just like any other, there are always new techniques, new inks, new devices and much more! As an industry, it is imperative that we continue to research and invent. Like always, it is the leaders in any industry that motivate each other to continuously and tirelessly move forward.

I am honored to be a leader in this industry.

Please remember when it comes to your face there is no compromise!

Rule no. 1: Check out the credentials of your artist.

Rule no 2: Cheaper is not always better.

Rule no 3: Set up a consultation, look at before and afters.

Rule no 4: Be honest with your artist, let them know exactly what you are looking for

and your exact expectations.

Rule no 5: Be willing to compromise. What you are looking for may not be possible

with the condition of your skin, the oils, age, sun damage, amount of hair

you have or don't have etc.

Rule no 6: Trust or artist. If you don't build that relationship then she is not the

artist for you!

Madison | PMU International Magazine

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