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Thinning eyebrows are a sign of aging! Is tattooing the right option for you?

Eyebrows are important. They frame your eyes (the same way a picture frame accentuates a painting) and give your face a natural lift.

The problem is the age we age many of us find our eyebrows get a lighter, a lot thinner, and even turn gray. Years of waxing, threading and tweezing away those little hairs also make our once full, nicely arched brows lose their shape.

Disappearing eyebrows are so gradual you barely even notice it happening, but the result is weak, skimpy brows that make our faces look undefined, tired and old. It is that one morning that you wake up and look in the mirror and ask yourself where did they go?

You have a couple options?

Use a pencil to fill in your shape to give an illusion of fuller brows. Gently color in the upper hair-line to give your brows a lift with an arch. It’s better to use a good eyebrow pencil instead of powder with an angled brush. The pencil will give you that defined look and last a lot longer than powder. Although some women find the powder to be easier and stay on longer if it is not overapplied.

Try to match as closely as you can to your natural hair color. If you can’t find a color close to yours, try to go a little darker, but not lighter because it’ll age you. To help your brows look more natural, blend the color with a cotton swab while brushing your brows into place. You could also use a brow gel to help set the color and brow into place if you’re worried about it fading.

Natural, fuller and groomed brows are in! To get your thin brows to achieve this look is by filling it in with a pencil. A pencil will define the arch and length easily and can be a part of your everyday look. Keeping your eyebrows thicker will give your eyes an instant lift while making them look open and almond shaped. Avoid shaping your eyebrows yourself, as we tend to overdo it and completely ruin our shape.

Should You Thread, Try Eyebrow Waxing, or Tweeze?

Threading is thought to be the best technique because it gives you a defined look and lasts a lot longer. If you have sensitive skin, threading is best for you because it’s gentler compared to waxing and less painful. It’s more effective than tweezing because large area of hair is being removed all at once rather than plucking them one by one. It also pulls out the shortest of hairs, making it easier to maintain more often. Once again, it’s best to leave this method for the professionals.

Tattooing is an option that more and more women are choosing! It eliminates the day to day hassle of drawing them on. You can swim, sweat and confidently smile for every photo! Eyebrows can be designed specifically to enhance your individual look. Many women chose this as an option when they can no longer see as well to draw them on. This option is also chosen often when a medical condition prevents women from the designing and drawing them on daily. They can be thinner, thicker, darker or lighter. They can be rounded or arched. The frame your face and define your look.

You must make sure that your artist is qualified to do this procedure. You will see tattooing "labeled" as semi-permanent. Beware, the ink is permanently implanted into the skin like any other tattoo. There is nothing semi about that. When this procedure is done properly it is life changing!

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