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Step 1: Assessment.

The Dermatude Meta Therapy specialist will inform you on all aspects of the Meta Therapy treatment and fill in an ‘Informed Consent’-form together with you.

Step 2: Treatments.

2.1 – Full Facial treatment:

The full facial treatment focuses on the whole face or specific facial areas and is aimed at skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. The stamp with Flex Head technology and curved stamp surface guarantees an equal depth of all needles no matter the irregular shape of the treated skin.


The skin will have a better structure, finer pores, become firmer, regain its elasticity and look younger. After the treatment, the skin may show some redness, but this will disappear within a few hours. You will be able to get back to your daily activities or go to work straight away. You will even be able to wear make-up the following day.

2.2 – Wrinkle treatments:

In addition to overall skin improvement, Meta Therapy is also suitable for the targeted correction of wrinkles. There is a 9-point wrinkle module which fades deep wrinkles and the 7-point fine line module to treat the fine lines. Using a special technique, the skin below the wrinkle is activated.


As a result, connective tissue is produced, filling the wrinkle from the inside out. Again, this is a natural skin process. The treatment does not involve injecting any fillers whatsoever and no muscles or nerves are blocked. However, in order to support the natural process, our special serums “Subjectables” are used for a faster and even more efficient result.

Step 3: Monitoring results.

You can opt for skin improvement and anti-aging of the whole face, neck and/or décolletage, as well as targeted treatments of specific areas and specific wrinkles. It is even possible to combine treatments to achieve the best result.

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